Mar 12, 2012

Tree Planting Day Google Doodle

Google marked the Chinese Tree-Planting Day with a Doodle.

Top 5 facts about the Tree Planting Day:

1. In February 1979 with a resolution was decided that March 12th would be taken as Chinese Tree-Planting Day, and the whole country must carry out tree-planting activities on this day, and the whole society to support the construction of forestry. 

2. In 1981, there was a Resolution on Launching a Campaign of Voluntary Tree-Planting throughout the Country.

3.When March 12th Tree-Planting Day is approaching, people usually go outdoors to fulfill a citizens’ obligation of planting trees. 

4. People’s sense of environment protection, harmonious development, social responsibility and rule of law is getting stronger and stronger in the campaign of voluntary tree-planting advocated by the whole country has reached as many as 35 billion.

5. According to the statistics of the UN, there have been 50 countries so far which have set a Tree-Planting Day. Because of the difference of specific situation and geographical position of each country, the name and date of Tree-Planting Day in each country is also different from each other.

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