Mar 6, 2012

Google Doodle about the Independence Day of Ghana

Google marks the Independence Day of Ghana:

1. Ghana was adopted as the legal name for the Gold Coast combined with British Togoland upon gaining autonomy in 1957.

2. After further negotiations with Britain, on 6 March 1957 at 12 a.m. Nkrumah declared Ghana "free forever".

3. The word Ghana means Warrior King and was the title accorded to the kings of the medieval West African Ghana Empire.

4. Geographically, the Ghana Empire was approximately 500 miles (800 km) north and west of modern Ghana, and it ruled territories in the area of the Sénégal River and east towards the Niger River, in modern Senegal, Mauritania and Mali.

5. Motto: "Freedom and Justice".

via Google, Wikipedia

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