Mar 20, 2012

Google Doodle About the 200th Anniversary of Spain's Constitution

Google celebrated the 200th Anniversary of Spain's Constitution.

Top 5 facts about the Spanish Constitution:

1. The Spanish Constitution of 1812 was promulgated 19 March 1812 by the Cádiz Cortes, the national legislative assembly (Cortes Generales "General Courts") of Spain, while in refuge from the Peninsular War. 

2. This constitution, one of the most liberal of its time, was effectively Spain's first, given that the Bayonne Statute issued in 1808 under Joseph Bonaparte never went into effect. 

3. The 1812 Constitution established the principles of universal male suffrage, national sovereignty, constitutional monarchy and freedom of the press, and supported land reform and free enterprise.

4. Six weeks after Ferdinand VII's return to Spain on 24 March 1814, he abolished the constitution, but it was reinstated during the Trienio Liberal of 1820–1823, and again briefly in 1836 and 1837 while the Progressives prepared the Constitution of 1837.

5.The Spaniards nicknamed the Constitution La Pepa because it was adopted on Saint Joseph's Day.

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