Feb 17, 2012

Agniya Barto Google Doodle

Google celebrates the 112th birthday of Agniya Barto:

Top 5 facts about Agniya Barto:

1. Agniya Lvovna Barto was born on February 17, 1906 in  Moscow.

2. She was a Soviet poet and children's writer.

3.In 1925 she published her first books Chinese boy Wan-Lin (Китайчонок Ван-Линь) and Mishka -the-petty- thief (Мишка-Воришка). Then there were First of the May (Первое мая), 1926 and Brothers (Братишки). After publishing a book of poetic miniatures for toddlers Toys (Игрушки) 1936, she suddenly became one of the most popular children authors with her books published in millions of copies. 

In 1977 she published book Translations from the Children language (Переводы с детского) composed of her translations of poetry written by children of different countries. 

She was the author of the script for the children movies Foundling (Подкидыш, 1940), Elephant and a Rope (Слон и верёвочка) 1945, Alyosha Ptitsyn trains his character (Алёша Птицын вырабатывает характер), 1953, 10 000 boys (10 000 мальчиков), 1962, Find a person (Найти человека), 1973.

4. During nine years Agniya was the anchor of radio programme Find a person (Найти человека), that helped to find the family members lost during the World War II. During that time she helped to reunite no less than a thousand families. She wrote a book about it 1966.

5. She died on April 1, 1981.

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