Jan 10, 2012

Nicolas Steno Google Doodle

Google celebrates the 374th birthday of Nicolas Steno,  a Danish anatomist, geologist, and Roman Catholic prelate.

Top 5 facts about Nicolas Steno:

Nicolas Steno had decided not to accept anything simply written in a book,
resolving instead to do research himself.

1. He was born on January 11, (on New Year's Day, Julian calendar) 1638 in Copenhagen.

2. Nicolas Steno (originally Niels Stensen; latinized to Nicolaus Steno) was a Danish pioneer in both anatomy and geologyHe is considered the father of geology and stratigraphy.

3. In his geologic observations, he was the first to realize that the Earth's crust contains a chronological history of geologic events that might be deciphered by careful study of rock strata and fossils, which he identified as the remains of ancient living organisms. 

Illustration from Steno's 1667 paper
comparing the teeth of a shark head with a fossil tooth

In 1669 he made the fundamental crystallographic discovery that all quartz crystals have the same angles between corresponding faces. 

4.  He was converted from Lutheranism to Roman Catholicism in 1667, became a priest in 1675, and vicar apostolic in Europe in 1677. In his devotion to missionary work he virtually abandoned science. 

5.  Nicolas Steno died on 25 November 1686. In 1987 he was declared "beatus" - the first step to being declared a saint - by Pope John Paul II. He is thus now called by Catholics Blessed Nicolas Steno.

In our days


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