Jan 26, 2012

Australia Day in Google Doodle

Google celebrates Australia Day.

Top 5 facts about Australia Day:

1. Australia Day is the official national day of Australia. 

2. Celebrated annually on 26 January, the date commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788 and the proclamation at that time of British sovereignty over the eastern seaboard of New Holland.

3. Although it was not known as Australia Day until over a century later, records of celebrations on 26 January date back to 1808, with the first official celebration of the formation of New South Wales held in 1818.

4. Australia Day has become the biggest annual civic event in Australia.

Google Doodle Jan 26, 2011

5. The date is controversial to some Australians, particularly those of Indigenous heritage, leading to the use of alternate names, such as Invasion Day and Survival Day. Proposals have been made to change the date of Australia Day, but these have failed to gain widespread public support.

via Wikipedia, Google

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