Sep 23, 2011

Jaroslav Seifert Google Doodle

Today Google celebrates the 110th birthday of Czech writer Jaroslav Seifert.
The Doodle was drew by an American illustrator and designer Jennifer Hom, an author of many successful global doodles. 

Top 5 facts about Jaroslav Seifert:

1. Jaroslav Seifert was born on 23 September 1901 into a working-class family living in Zizkov, a suburb of Prague. 

2. Seifert was a Czech writer, poet and journalist.

3. He was the first Czech who win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1984.

4. In 1967 Jaroslav Seifert was designated National Artist. He was the official Chairman of the Czechoslovak Writer's Union for several years (1968–70)

5. He died on 10 January 1986

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