Sep 21, 2011

Google Doodle History: Rosh Hashana (Sep 21, 2006)

Sep 21, 2006 - Rosh Hashana - (Israel) 

Rosh Hashanah ("head of the year"), is the Jewish New Year. It is the first of the High Holidays or Yamim Noraim ("Days of Awe"), celebrated ten days before Yom Kippur. Rosh Hashanah is observed on the first two days of Tishrei, the seventh month of the Hebrew calendar. It is described in the Torah as יום התרועה a day of "Screaming" or Shouting [the Shofar].

Begins: Start of first day of Tishrei 
Ends: Generally at the end of second day of Tishrei 

 2010 date sunset: September 8 – sunset, September 10 

 2011 date sunset, September 28 – sunset, September 30

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