Aug 23, 2011

Nazik Al-Malaika Google Doodle

Google celebrates 88th birthday of Iraqi Poet - Nazek al-Malaika.

Nazik Al-Malaika (August 23, 1922 – 20 June 2007) was an Iraqi female poet and is considered by many to be one of most influential contemporary Iraqi female poets. Al-Malaika is famous as the first Arabic poet to use free verse.

Al-Malaika was born in Baghdad to a cultured family. Her mother was also a poet, and her father was a teacher. She wrote her first poem at the age of 10.

Al-Malaika graduated in 1944 from the College of Arts in Baghdad and later completed a Master's degree in comparative literature at the University of Wisconsin–Madison with a Degree of Excellence. 

She entered the Institute of Fine Arts and graduated from the Department of Music in 1949. In 1959 she earned a Master of Arts in Comparative Literature from the University of Wisconsin in the U.S., and she was appointed professor at Baghdad University, the University of Basra, and Kuwait University. (Wikipedia)

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