Aug 19, 2011

George Enescu Google Doodle

Today Google Romania celebrates 130 years from the birth of George Enescu. Was a composer, violinist, teacher, pianist and conductor. It is considered the most important musician Romanian.

George Enescu was born on 19 August 1881 (Liveni, Botosani) and died on 4 May 1955 in Paris.

He began to play violin from age 4 to age 5 is in its first concert and begin studies composition under the direction of Eduard Caudella. The first musical guidance he received from his parents and a famous musician, Niculae Bosseyed.

Between 1888-1894 he studed in the Vienna Conservatory. He gradueted with the silver medal and he continued his studies at Paris Conservatory (1895-1899).

On February 6 1898 debuts as a composer in Concerts Colonne Paris with symphonic suite "Romanian Poem."

At that time, the same year, started to teach violin to Bucharest and give violin recitals. Admired Queen Elisabeth of Romania (Famous lover of art Carmen Sylva) Was often invited to perform pieces for violin Peles Castle of Sinaia.

From the early years of twentieth century popular dating his compositions, such as the two Romanian Rhapsodies (1901-1902), Suite no. 1 for orchestra (1903), his first symphony (1905), Seven songs on Lyrics Clément Marot (1908).

His musical activity alternates between Bucharest and Paris, take tours in several European countries, with prestigious partners as Alfredo Casella, Louis Fournier.

George Enescu's compositional style is difficult to define, ranging from style romantic his monumental Richard Wagner (The Symphony no. 1), French music influences, neo-trends Baroque, very personal expression of modern chamber music and the influence of Romanian folklore. (Wikipedia)

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