Jul 21, 2011

Alexander Calder Google Doodle - VIDEO

Google Doodle for Alexander Calder's 113th birthday

Top 5 for Alexander Calder:

1. Alexander Calder was born on July 22, 1898 in Lawnton, Pennsylvania

2. He was an american sculptor and artist most famous for inventing the mobile. 

3. In 1902 he completed his earliest sculpture, a clay elephant. In 1909, when Calder was in the fourth grade, he sculpted a dog and a duck out of sheet brass as Christmas gifts for his parents.

4. Alexander Calder also created paintings, lithographs, toys, tapestry, jewelry and household objects.

5. Calder died on November 11, 1976.

YouTube and Alexander Calder 

(Wikipedia, YouTube)

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